PRESS UPDATE - Nov. 2011: "Nature", "Outsider Art", NPR's "On Point"


The Nov. 3 issue of Nature magazine features a Q+A with Margaret Wertheim about Physics on the Fringe. Here Margaret discusses her experiences among outsider  theorists and her interest in the fringes of science. She also talks about her career as a science writer and  what led her to found the Institute For Figuring as a new kind of venue for engaging audiences sbout science and mathematics.  Interview by Jascha Hoffman.

- This week also saw the first review of the book, in The Outsider magazine, by Lisa Stone, a world renowned authority on outsider art and director of the Roger Brown Study Center.

- On 11.1.11, the day Physics on the Fringe was officially published, Margaret Wertheim appeared on NPR's nationally broadcast radio program On Point with Tom Ashbrook. 

- Also on 11.1.11 a beautifully perceptive review of the book appeared in The Speculator column at the Barnes and Noble Review by writer, Paul Di Filippo.