MAY 2012


Lots of exciting things are happening around Physics on the Fringe. In April the exhibition based on the book opened at the Institute For Figuring in Los Angeles.The exhibition is a visual version of the book and features a wnodrous array of images, diagrams, animations, and physical models by outsider theorists. People presented in the show include Jim Carter - whose models of atoms from the 1970's are a star attraction - along with Laguna Beach theorist Michael Evans, Canadian Stoyan Sarg, Australian Peter Jobson, and many others. 

The exhibition was featured in the LA Weekly, where Margaret Wertheim was interviewed about her work at the Instiute For Figuring.


Physics on the Fringe has also been the topic of two recent NPR programs. 

The Colin McEnroe Show, WNPR - May 8, 2012
Inspired by Margaret's book, Colin McEnroe devotes his hour-long program to outsider physics. Margaret is joined by physicist Ron Mallett (who has a radical theory about time travel), Princeton historian of science Michael Gordin (who has a new book coming out about the bizarre 1950's theories of Immanuel Velikovsky), and Jim Carter. This is a stimulating discussion about the trials and tribulations of fringe physics.

To the Best of Our Knowledge NPR - Nationally Aired June 3, 2012
Host Steve Paulson devotes this hour-long episode of his radio show to Physics and the Big Questions. Margaret discusses Physics on the Fringe. Other guests are physicists Lawrence Krauss and Marcelo Gesier (discussing how a universe can come out of nothing), Lisa Randall (on the joys of string theory), and science writer Dava Sobel (on her lovely new book about Copernicus, A More Perfect Heaven.)