It's Fall

105 Creation Spiral by Jim Carter.It’s Fall, the leaves are turning red, the skies are clear, and on October 25, Physics on the Fringe will become available in bookstores nationwide. On this site I will post news relating to the book and associated events, including lectures and talks. A series of lectures are already scheduled in Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey – please see the Events page for further information.

A big piece of news is that there is going to be an associated exhibition showcasing the works of outsider physicists with marvelous models and diagrams. The show – also called “Physics on the Fringe” - will be hosted by the Institute For Figuring in Los Angeles and will open December 17, 2011. Please visit the Exhibition page for more details.

On this page I will also post links to press articles, radio interviews, and video clips. This site will be continually evolving so please come back to see more news and imagery about the amazing world of outsider physics.

Margaret Wertheim. October 24, 2011.