American Scientist, Cabinet, and Book Forum

February 2012.

- Physics on the Fringe has been reviewed in a thoughtful piece in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of American Scientist,  penned by Princeton historian of science Michael Gordin. Gordin writes:

"[Wertheim] wants us to take these “outsider physicists” seriously, not as a kooky cultural phenomenon, but as people actually doing science in a way that demands as much attention from mainstream science as folk art now claims from the elite art community. The analogy with art is a touchstone for Wertheim. Her attraction to these theories is at root deeply aesthetic. She is fondest of those fringe physicists who have an eye for the catching illustration or the beautiful color scheme, and she has curated the work of one of them, Jim Carter, for an art gallery and also made a documentary film about him...Wertheim really likes Carter. And, reading this at times beautifully written book, we like him too, and we like her for liking him." 

- In the Winter 2011/2012 issue of Cabinet magazine, Margaret has a piece about Jim Carter's theory of cosmic creation. The article is part of an issue focused around the theme of The Day. The essay looks at Carter's Fourth Day of creation. See pdf here.

- The month the book is also reviewed on Book Forum's website, by scence journalist Lizzie Wade. "Wertheim approaches these 'outsider physicists' with sincerity and generosity," she writes.

- In February, Margaret also spoke about the book and her encounters with the physics fringe on Michio Kaku's program on the Talk Radio Network.