About Jim Carter

78 Jim experimenting with smoke rings.

Jim Carter, a trailer-park owner in Enumclaw, Washington, has spent the past fifty years developing his own alternative theory of everything. Jim’s radically new “circlon synchronicity” theory offers us a complete description of the universe that substitutes for relativity, quantum mechanics, and the big bang. Carter test his ideas about the basic structure of matter by making smoke rings, following in a tradition that was pioneered by the great nineteenth century physicist William Thomson and his mathematician colleague Peter Guthrie Tait.

When he is not doing physics, Jim has spent much of his life working as a gold miner and abalone diver, and inventing inflatable devices for lifting sunken boats. He does not have a PhD and never graduated from college.

More about Jim’s physics can be seen at his websites www.circlon.com and www.living-universe.com. These sites include illustrations of his ideas, papers he has written, and animations of his theories.

Jim’s book The Other Theory of Physics may be purchased at these sites, along with a wall chart he has created with his alternative explanation of the Periodic Table.

View pdf of Jim’s Periodic Table.

View images of Jim’s physics, life and work.

To contact Jim directly, email him at circlon@yahoo.com.