December 10, 2011.


-The Wall Street Journal has published a wonderful review of Physics on the Fringe. Written by Michael Shermer, celebrated science author and founder of the Skeptics Society, the piece is a powerful, sympathetic account of the book.

“With the patience of Job,  (Ms Wertheim) has undertaken the task of carefully reading as many ‘theories of everything’ as she could get her hands on.  In ‘Physics on the Fringe’ she takes us on a tour of ‘outsider’ ideas and with an eye toward challenging our preconceptions of what science is, how it works, and what it is for.  As you’d expect, the book is entertaining—even laugh-out-loud funny in places—but it’s equally enlightening.  In an elegant narrative Ms. Wertheim has taken on one of the knottiest conundrums in the philosophy of science, the demarcation problem—that is, how to find criteria to define the boundary between science and pseudoscience."

The piece ends: “In the meantime, let’s not dismiss outsiders before giving them their day in court, as Ms. Wertheim has done in this splendid book.”

- On Sunday December 11, Margaret will be giving a talk about the book at the Skeptics Society at Caltech. Location: The Baxter Lecture Hall, Caltech, 2pm.