New Scientist + Baltimore Sun + Peter Woit


- The 2011 Christmas issue of New Scientist contains an Opinion Piece I wrote about fringe physicists and why those of us who love science should care about this burgeoning resistance to mainstream physics.


- The Baltimore Sun has also run a review, by Rebecca Oppenheimer, recommending the book as good holiday reading:

"Physics on the Fringe" is a portrait of the contemporary community of outsider physicists, but it is also a work of history and philosophy. Wertheim shows that there always have been passionate amateurs storming the gates of mainstream science, and she considers the profound need these outsiders have to define the world on their own terms."


- On December 16 physicist Peter Woit posted a long, thoughtful essay about Physics on the Fringe, on his blog Not Even Wrong. Woit's own book, also titled Not Even Wrong, is a critique of string theory that was influential in my own thinking about this subject.

Woit calls Physics on the Fringe "a very thought provoking book". His essay concludes:

"I think this is an important book, one which raises in an interesting way fundamental issues about how people think about and conduct research into fundamental theoretical physics. We’re at an unusual point in the history of the subject, one where the foundations of how this kind of science has traditionally been done are being questioned. Wertheim’s contribution to this questioning is worth paying attention to."