- PHYSICS AND PUPPETS: On Saturday August 11th (3pm), I'll be talking about physics on the fringe inside and outside the academy with WIRED writer Lizzie Wade. The event will take place at Automata, the radical puppet collective in Chinatown run by Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson. Automata operates from a lovely new space in Chung King Road, just across the street from the Institute For Figuring, where the exhibition of Physics on the Fringe is currently on show. After the conversation we'll walk over to the IFF for a viewing of the show along with drinks and further conversation.

- In July I recorded a an hour-long conversation for the 7th Avenue Radio Program at KUSP. Host Robert Pollie specializes in in-depth interviews - what he calls "thinking persons radio" - and has devoted previous programs to general relativity, string theory, and the Higgs Boson. 

- At the end of the month I'll be heading to Australia, where Physics on the Fringe has just been released. I'll be speaking about the book at the Melbourne Writers Festival and Sydney University, plus appearances on Dr Karl's beloved science-talkback radio program and on the First Tuesday Book Club with Jennifer Byrne on ABC-TV.